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Sarpino's Pizzeria New Hope

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(763) 219-4198
7520 42nd Ave N
Minneapolis, MN 55427

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Always Fresh Made!

Making a great pizza doesn't just happen. It requires having a great crust, flavorful sauce, rich and creamy cheese, and the tasty toppings. At Sarpino's we've put these all together to make a truly outstanding pizza. All great pizzas start with a great crust. At Sarpino's we make our dough fresh everyday using our own special recipe. We start with a high-gluten flour to help us make the quality dough we need to achieve that perfect pizza that holds its shape once its baked. This way, we get a crust that is light and airy, yet still with a delicate crunch. We also hand-knead our dough and allow it to proof three separate times. Allowing the dough to proof three times gives the dough time to fully develop its flavor and texture. When our pizzas and breadsticks come out of the oven, you'll experience the real taste of a truly hand-crafted pizza. Once you have a great pizza crust, you need to top it off with an equally great sauce. We use the sweetest tomatoes available. How do we know? Most of the tomato companies in the US produce three crops of tomatoes a year from the same fields, resulting in a tomato that is too watery to make a truly rich sauce. Our supplier, however, gets only one crop of tomatoes a year, and then gives the land time to replenish with nutrients for next years crop. This once-a-year crop produces a very sweet, rich tomato that allows for a sauce of perfect consistency and concentrated flavors. We then blend the tomato sauce with our own special spices an authentic spice mix that was taught to us back in Italy. You'll taste the herbs and spices with every bite of our pizza, and our sauce is so good that we give it as a side dip with every pizza. Of course, it wouldn't be a pizza without cheese. Sarpino's uses 100% real cheese. We shred our cheese and then pile it on our pizzas and were not shy about giving you a nice, full portion. And, to make it extra special, we select only whole-milk Mozzarella cheese to give our pizza a rich and creamy taste, and mix in some real Edam cheese to bring out the nice golden color and extra flavor. The gourmet cheese combination we use really puts Sarpino's pizzas a step above the rest. And, if that isn't enough to satisfy your taste buds, well toss on some of our finest toppings. From old favorites, like pepperoni and sausage, to our unique gourmet toppings, like roasted garlic and grilled chicken strips, we have the best ingredients to make your pizza truly amazing. With over 30 toppings to choose from, its easy to get the pizza you want, just the way you like it. Order it right now and try for yourself!

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(763) 219-4198


Fast Free Delivery, No Minimum Order! Half off second pizza!

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English, Spanish

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