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(763) 551-7000
9800 59th Ave N
Minneapolis, MN 55442

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(763) 551-7000

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Photo of jillybean787878


written: 1 Review
Dear Select Comfort On Saturday the 6th of September I went to your Algonquin store to show my husband which bed we were going to purchase. This was my third trip to this store. I was aware of the sale and wanted to make sure we got our purchase purchased on time. I just want to let you know that we love your product. Twelve years ago we bought one of your beds and still have it. But now the padding is wearing down some and we feel like it is time to get a new bed. First we were told that a new mattress cover would cost 1,000 dollars to replace it. I thought that was extremely high. On my next visit to your store they looked up my account and said it would only be 5-6 hundred dollars to replace it. We thought we liked your product so much that we would get the new cover and put it in another bedroom and then get a brand new one for us. I arrived at the store at 6:30, racing there because I thought your store closed at 7. I was happy to see you had extended hours. My husband was driving in another car from work so arrived ten minutes later. I told your sales clerk I wanted him to try the bed out first before I purchased it. Another couple was in the store so I told her to take care of them seeing as my husband was not there yet. He arrived at the store at 6:40. I told her again he wanted to try the bed out and she continuted working with her other customer. We kept checking on her as she took forever writing up her customer. I told her that we also have a store and we would never let anyone wait over a half hour. I also told her that I was surprised that my husband was being so patient. He usually would never wait that long, but we really wanted the bed and had cash in hand. I told her that I thought she could have said "excuse me" to her other customer just for a minute so she could just show my husband the bed. She told me I was in the store before and I should have shown him how to use the bed. I told her I did not even know where the controls were. She said if she had stopped for a second it would have made our wait even longer. When I said my husband doesn't ever wait this long she replied, "well, he can leave if that's what he wants to do." And then that is what we did. I love the product but the service is horrible and so understaffed. One customer in the store means a 45 minute wait.
Photo of aaron30


written: 1 Review
First of I'd like to say that ordering the sleep number went smooth they loved me as a customer. I payed cash for everything, waited 3 weeks for my bed to be delivered. They put my bed together and it ended up being assembled wrong, they didn't want to send someone out to fix it. I had to over the phone "2nd day owning this bed" who buys stuff brand new and wants to fix it there self the next day. After arguing with them about the problem they want to upgrade me free of charge??? Why? So I can wait another 3 weeks for that while I use a broken bed they don't want to fix... I will never buy from them again and I will recommended everyone that I know to not buy from them there a run down company and soon there going to be banking off our money to keep there business running. I'm going to do my research and make sure they feel the way I felt when I lost 400$ in shipping fees to have broken bed for a week.
Photo of evans537


written: 1 Review
sleep number sucks. my bed is less than 4mo old. my bed is defective, keeps Unflating. just had surgery and can't sleep COMFORTABLE. EVERY NIGHT I FILL IT UP AND EVERY MORNING BED IS UNNFLATED TO THE FRAME. they will not return my money. so unhelpful.AT THIS POINT I DON'T KNOW WHAT MY SLEEP NUMBER IS.AND I WANT MY MONEY BACK,AND YOU CAN STICK IT........

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(763) 551-7000

9800 59th Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55442

"First of I'd like to say that ordering the sleep number went smooth they loved me as a custo..."